Bryan Colwell

Boxer / Kickboxer

Birthday: October 31
Height: 6’3
Weight: 195lbs
Boxing Stance: Orthodox
Record: 9-2-1 (6-2-1 boxing, 3-0 kickboxing) 0 TKO’s
Sign: Scorpio

As I continue my quest for a spot on Canada’s national team and a world title, my workouts are always powered by Popeye’s Supplements Victoria.

 My entire life I have been the most competitive person I have ever met, and was drawn to the competition of sports from a young age. Growing up in Fort st. John I played every sport I could be registered in through elementary and middle school before focusing on soccer in highschool and playing Div 1-3 on as many teams as I could year round. When I graduated highschool my family moved to Victoria so I could pursue post secondary education and UVIC with my plans of earning a scholarship playing on UVIC’s soccer team. Upon arrival and entry into the Victorian soccer scene I was informed by several different coaches that while my soccer skills were adequate enough play for UVIC, my conditioning needed to be improved. Taking a suggestion from a family friend, I registered at a local MMA facility to train in its martials arts conditioning program under Jason Heit. At the end of my very first day and boxing class I knew I never wanted to play soccer again.

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Now, seven years and twelve fights later, under the tutelage of my manager Jason Heit and coach Nate Olson, I have proven myself to be the best Cruiserweight and Heavyweight amateur boxer in the province under Boxing BC, winning the 2015 British Columbia Heavyweight Golden Gloves title, the 2015 Provincial title and qualifying for Team BC. 

Following my first amateur match 3 years ago, Chris Kinnear from Popeye's Supplements approached me to discuss the idea of a supplement sponsorship, without hesitation I agreed. Ever since then, Chris and his staff have built, modified and maintained a deeply personalized supplement and nutrition regimen tailored specifically to my training and lifestyle needs. 

My 3 favourite products are:

  1. VegeGreens by Progressive Nutritional Therapies
  2. VegEssentials VEGAN All in One Protein Powder
  3. C4 by CellucorePre-Workout

Mike "Knock Em" Downey

I was raised and currently live within the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia where for decades I've been a care giver for individuals with special needs, a nanny, a fundraiser for sick kids, supporter of the homeless, as well as a security guard at local events & clubs. After retiring from my international travels as the Canadian kickboxing / Muay Thai champion and international D.J the highs in my life had abruptly switched from a peak to an all time low thus leaving me depressed and lonely. This was the turning point in my life when I had decided to get the most intelligent pets available, so rather than getting a dolphin, monkey, or an elephant … I got the next smartest animals on the planet, potbelly pigs. This is the point when I began my mission as a warrior for animal rights after making my true connection to all animals through my love for my little swine friends. I allowed my newfound love for all animals to drive me towards following a plant based diet aka. Veganism which I'm honored to share with everyone.

During my dietary switch to Veganism to ensure i was getting in all my nutrients I starting using a product I would recommend to everyone. VEGEGREENS by Progressive Nutritional Therapies. Anyone, on any diet can help boost their energy levels significantly by using this nutrient dense product , especially if their not already consuming enough plant based nutrients within their own diet. I think we can all agree that almost no one truly does anymore.

After switching to Veganism I began working out again, and what I noticed is that I had far more energy as my cardio limits blasted through the roof and my blood pressure dropped significantly (from such a low amount of cholesterol in my diet) Believe it or not I actually had an easier time than ever before building lean muscle, which is something i really didn’t expect. During my diet plan I was originally taking Sun Warrior Classic Vegan protein immediately after all my work outs. More recently Chris at Popeyes had me switch to using the Iron Vegan Athlete’s Blend because of its enhanced amino profile and the fact it’s Canadian made, just like myself and I must say it is fantastic. I just had to try this Vegan diet out for myself in order to find out the truth and now that I have, I've become more motivated than ever to share my journey. To achieve that goal I’ve commiting myself to competing in my first ever bodybuilding competition in 2017/2018. I also plan to be making a come back inside the martial arts ring in order to win myself back the World Muay Thai Championship, which I felt I was once robbed of many years ago.

So stay tuned ... because this is about to get as real and as inspirational as it can get. I have now gained more inspiration than ever before as I learned how to become a fighter for others, rather than for my own self. If you wish to know more about my succesful diet plan, as well as my supplements of choice then please feel free to contact me through my website and I will reply to you ASAP. Guided by my newfound knowledge I try to provide everyone with updates during my mission and together we will help heal the planet!

People might wonder why I've always stuck with Popeye’s Supplements Victoria. That is because of their unwavering support in my mission of winning my kickboxing belts, long before I had ever won any titles. Chris the owner from Popeye's Victoria always has the most accurate up to date information to share with me, which has helped guide me on a much more accurate path towards optimal athletic health. The incredible knowledge he has shared with me over the many years has proven invaluable. I’ve been able to use this knowledge to help guide others towards living a more optimal life as well.

Currently the most ideal protein supplement I always purchase from Popeye’s Supplements Victoria is the Iron Vegan Athlete’s Blend powder. Each serving provides 30 grams of organic, non-GMO plant based protein which supplies a complete range of essential amino acids that helps to build and repair my body tissues.

Along with that I love my Progressive brand Veggie Greens. This product is a huge factor in my health as there are over 60 different quality nutrients included from both land & sea and they actually taste great in just water!

I also use the NOW Brand liquid calcium. It is unreal in comparison with other calcium supplements because when I take it, I notice that my bodies hair and nails grow far more rapidly when I consume this. It’s a highly utilized form of liquid calcium. Did you know that calcium is also a great beneficial
beneficial supplement for muscle contractions, and our hearts?

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and if you have any questions, please don’t hestitate to ask. Together we can make a difference.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step LAO TZU


Mike Downey
Warriors of Compassion Enterprise


Lisa Giesbrecht

Pro Female Bodybuilder / Trainer

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
2 Time Ms. Olympia Athlete
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Lisa started training for her first bodybuilding show in 2004. For the next few years she competed in bodybuilding and figure, eventually making it to the 2008 figure nationals.  In 2009 she found her passion in bodybuilding.  She competed in the provincial and national levels until 2011 when she won her pro card. She went on to compete in a professional physique show in early 2012. Nine weeks later, she won the Toronto Pro Supershow in bodybuilding. This win qualified her to compete at the 2012 Ms. Olympia.  This was a great accomplishment and honor.  In 2014, she competed in three pro shows: Toronto, Chicago, and Tampa. She qualified to compete at the 2014 Ms. Olympia after placing 5th in Toronto and 2nd in Chicago.

With over 10 years of contest training and 20 shows under her belt, Lisa is well qualified to helping people achieve any fitness or nutrition goal. In addition, Lisa is an ISSA certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Lisa prides herself in paying attention to your individual goals and realizes everyone has different needs, body types, and lifestyles. She will create your custom program designed for maximum results.  

“I’ve been going to Popeye’s since I started training in Victoria – almost ten years ago.  They always have what I need to maximize my training. Not only do they have great prices but a superlative staff that’s incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey for my post workout shake. In the morning and intra-workout I drink Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy and Allmax Glutamine. Mt Post workout carbs consist of Allmax Carbion. I finish the day with my Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein protein. Having proper supplements at the right times greatly enhance performance in the gym and aids muscle recovery and growth”


Adam Drummond

Highland Games Athlete

Professional Highland Games Athlete/ Masters Track and Field Throwing competitor and coach. Age 36. I have been competing in Highland Games since 2007 with a football background. Two time Provincial Champ. Competed in Ontario in 2011 at the Canadian Amateur Championships and twice in Minnesota at the World Amateur Championships.  Turned Pro 2 years ago.  Love getting to travel all over North America competing and hope to one day compete in Scotland.  Last year I started as a throws coach for kids and competing as a Masters athlete with Peninsula Track and Field.  It’s been a lot fun learning Shotput, Discus, Olympic hammer and Javelin as well as teaching and watching the kids develop their skills and get better.  I have been a long time Popeyes Victoria customer because Chris and the staff treat me well and are extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I can buy supplements from them with complete confidence and not have to worry about the quality of the product. 

My favorite products are

  • Nutrabolics ISOBOLIC Protein
  • Progressive Active Multi's
  • Precision GLUT-PLX (Glutamine)

Angela Adara

Fitness Model

  • Muscle Tech Demo Rep
  • Fitness/Bikini Model

Competition History

  • Overall winner for Bikini Masters: Victoria Cup, August 2015
  • 1st place Bikini Model Masters: Victoria Cup, August 2015
  • 3rd place Bikini Model Open: Victoria Cup, August 2015
  • 1st place Fitness Model Masters: WBFF Vancouver, July 2015
  • 1st place Fitness Open Tall: WBFF Vancouver, July 2015
  • 3rd place Fitness model Open: NPAA 2014
  • 5th place Bikini Open:     NPAA 2014
  • 1st place Fitness Model: Western Naturals, May 2007
  • 2nd place Bikini Model: Fame West 2007
  • 3rd place Fitness Model: Fame West 2007

3 favorite supplements

  • BCAA’s:  Amino Build: Muscletech (white grape)
  • Pre-workout: Anarchy by Muscletech & Rocket Science by Magnum
  • Fat Burners:   Hydroxycut by Muscletech

I have been shopping at Popeye’s for all my supplement needs since the beginning of my fitness career. Not only do they offer outstanding customer service and a wide range of top quality brands but they also guarantee the lowest prices and can actually back that up.  Popeyes Supplements Victoria & Nanaimo always brings in the best new products so if they don’t carry it there is alwaysa good reason. I am so proud to be part of the Popeye’s community, and am super excited to be part of their demo team.

Other info

  • Favorite body part to work out: Glutes, hamstrings and quads 
  • Favorite cheat meal: Pizza … by far.


  • Compete at the BC provincials & finish my personal training certification