Here at Popeye's we know there are tons of great trainers here on Vancouver Island, but below is a few that we have worked with and share the same holistic outlook in regards to your Health & Fitness.

If you are a certified trainer and are interested in joining a partnership with Popeye's Supplements Victoria or Nanaimo then please feel free to contact us via email with some background about yourself.


Kyla Gagnon

Inside Out Fitness

Kyla Gagnon, INSIDE OUT FITNESS was voted TOP TRAINER IN THE CITY for 2013.

Kyla has been helping people transform their bodies since 2006, working with clients from every walk of life from Pre and Post Natal to fitness competitors.

She is a sponsored athlete with one of the top Supplement Companies, MAGNUM NUTRACEUTICALS and you can find her in store doing monthly demo's of the whole line.

Gracing the cover of NATURAL MUSCLE fitness magazine in February 2013, earning her Bikini Pro Card with the NPAA in May of 2013, creating a 12 week online fitness program designed to whip your butt into shape from HOME ( Kyla is climbing her way to the top in the Fitness Industry.

Inside Out Fitness offers co-ed bootcamps as well as one on one training, located out of Quadra Sports Club in Victoria.



Pro Female Bodybuilder / Trainer

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
2 Time Ms. Olympia Athlete
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Lisa started training for her first bodybuilding show in 2004. For the next few years she competed in bodybuilding and figure, eventually making it to the 2008 figure nationals.  In 2009 she found her passion in bodybuilding.  She competed in the provincial and national levels until 2011 when she won her pro card. She went on to compete in a professional physique show in early 2012. Nine weeks later, she won the Toronto Pro Supershow in bodybuilding. This win qualified her to compete at the 2012 Ms. Olympia.  This was a great accomplishment and honor.  In 2014, she competed in three pro shows: Toronto, Chicago, and Tampa. She qualified to compete at the 2014 Ms. Olympia after placing 5th in Toronto and 2nd in Chicago.

With over 10 years of contest training and 20 shows under her belt, Lisa is well qualified to helping people achieve any fitness or nutrition goal. In addition, Lisa is an ISSA certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Lisa prides herself in paying attention to your individual goals and realizes everyone has different needs, body types, and lifestyles. She will create your custom program designed for maximum results.  

“I’ve been going to Popeye’s since I started training in Victoria – almost ten years ago.  They always have what I need to maximize my training. Not only do they have great prices but a superlative staff that’s incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey for my post workout shake. In the morning and intra-workout I drink Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy and Allmax Glutamine. Mt Post workout carbs consist of Allmax Carbion. I finish the day with my Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein protein. Having proper supplements at the right times greatly enhance performance in the gym and aids muscle recovery and growth”

Top 3 Supplements:

Nutrabolics Isobolic

Allmax Aminocore

Muscletech Platinum Glutamine


Scott Harlow

K44 Fit

Scott Harlow is the founder of K44FIT. Inspired by SEALFIT, K44 is short for Kokoro 44. This 50 hour (no sleep) crucible was modeled after Navy SEAL Hell week. Originally designed for special operations candidates, Kokoro is open to anyone who is willing to step up to the challenge. Scott graduated from Kokoro 44 in July 2016 & Kokoro 51 in July 2018. Successfully completing both Kokoros required endurance, and an incredibly “Never Quit” attitude, this is one of Scott’s superpowers today; however, it wasn’t always that way.

Scott’s fitness journey back to health began in early 2015 while on vacation in Italy at 49 years old. He was an unhealthy 40 pounds overweight due to years of inactivity and poor health choices. He then committed to taking back his health immediately and began with body weight workouts, which included light running on the streets of Rome. Scott wanted to raise his standard to a completely new level and set his sights on completing Sealfit Kokoro in 2016. Over the next year Scott experienced an incredible transformation and successfully completed two Kokoros.

Scott's passion is passing on the lessons learned while completing these crucibles and his personal journey taken to attain his current fitness level. Scott brings a secret weapon to every workout - mental toughness. Scott will prove what is possible, he will talk the talk, but he also runs when others walk the walk. If you want a unique workout, Scott’s van full of conventional and non-conventional equipment will guarantee you never get the same workout twice. Call right now to book your free transformation session, let Scott help you take your health back!


Jess Jordan CPT 

Forge Training 

Weightlifting has had a profound positive impact and influence on my life.
I grew up skinny, short and raised as a strict vegetarian. Despite being actively involved in various athletic pursuits, I lacked strength, confidence and direction in my life.

When I was 15 years old, I weighed only 110 lbs. 
I vividly remember the clear decision to start lifting weights and gaining muscle.
I researched nutrition, training, programming; got a gym membership at the Rec centre down the street and dove headfirst into the life of an aspiring bodybuilder.

13 years later, I've learned and experienced a lot. Through trial and error I've come to know what works best for me and how to condense years of effort and adversity into clear, concise coaching for all my clients. 

My passion for body transformation, human psychology and empowerment through performance nutrition and weight training has led me to a career in Personal Training.  
My specialty is working with men and women that are clear about getting in shape and maximizing their time and efforts in and out of the gym. 
My goal is to inspire my clients to love the intensity, discipline and effort of working out hard.
Fitness becomes a lifestyle and an unending quest to attain greater physical and mental goals and to enjoy and appreciate the process each day.
I smile when I hear a new client say "when I bench press 200 lbs I'll be satisfied." Then, 3 months later they're going for 250, 275, ...

As a culmination of many years of focus and dedication, I am competing in my first bodybuilding show this Fall. The Popeye's Fall Classic in Vancouver, BC

I am very appreciative of the support that Chris and all the knowledgeable staff at Popeyes Supplements Victoria has shown me. I have always bought my supplements from them and I trust their advice, products and attitude towards bodybuilding and fitness. I'm proud to be a Popeyes Victoria athlete and I recommend them to all my clients seeking nutritional supplements. 

My favourite supplements currently include:

  • VegeGreens Powder (Progressive)

  • OmeEssential Fish Oil (Progressive)

  • Glutamine and BCAAs (PVL Essentials)

778 677-2775
Certified Personal Trainer 


Justin Manz

Empire Athletics and Wellness

Justin grew up in Regina Saskatchewan, with sports and fitness being a huge part of his life. From a young age Justin played every sport his parents would register him for. He found a real love for Soccer and American Football, and ended up playing both at the university level after graduating high school. Most recently he has been in Victoria playing and coaching for the UVic Vikes Men’s soccer team, with which he helped win a National championship.

Justin had several different trainers and conditioning coaches while playing sports. They all had a positive impact on him, and influence his career to this day. After suffering two horrific leg injuries, Justin now uses his knowledge and passion for fitness to help others reach their goals.

Justin is a personal trainer who has over 8 years of experience in the fitness industry. He believes all clients are different, and strives to find a way to bring out the best in his clients. Justin’s training company is called Empire Athletics and Wellness. Check him out!


"I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday."


His words regarding Popeye’s Victoria: “I love coming into Popeye’s. Any time I have a question they always have an answer, usually leading to more in depth questions. They put my mind at ease knowing I can send my clients to them, and they will be well taken care of.



ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor of Arts Degree and Recreation and Health

First Aid and CPR Certifications


Top 3 Products:

1.       Allmax A:CUTS

2.       Nutrabolics Anabolic State

3.       All Rivalus products


Contact him at (250) 516 - 1404, or click below.


Nicole Morgan

With over 10 years’ experience as a fitness trainer, my key skills are in exercise programming and rehabilitation, fitness assessments, muscle function, one-on-one training and nutritional planning, contest prep and fitness/ health seminars.

I love to inspire and educate my clients to achieve and reach their personal fitness goals sensibly and safely.  I will help you understand how exercise and diet can greatly improve your overall quality of life. 

“I believe that the desire to change comes from within but with extra support, motivation, dedication and encouragement; the ability to change becomes more achievable.” – Nicole Morgan

Special interests: Fitness fanatic - I love to workout at the gym, mountain bike, run, hike and spend time with my family, especially my 2 daughters Erika and Ava who enjoy being just as active as I do!