Chris Kinnear

Owner / Product Adviser

From an owner’s standpoint, I strive to utilize my 24 yrs of experience in the supplements nutrition industry and combine that with my passion to help others to help my clients reach their true potential and live a healthier more vibrant life!!

As a former professional athlete with the Victoria Shamrocks 2003-2009 I know the role that "performance nutrition" has at gaining a much needed advantage over the competition. I try to use this knowledge to better help my clients benefit in their careers as well

Over the past 14 years I have worked hard to assemble a very knowledgeable staff that follows my same passions.

Together we invite you to come speak with any one of us (free of charge) to help design the optimal supplement program for your individual needs!

I use:

  • OmegEssential FORTE fish Oil
  • VegeGreens - Pineapple or Citrus Burst
  • Lactose Reduced Sustained Release Proteins:  IsoBolic, Promasil or Quattro
  • L-Glutamine
  • HMB


Sales / Assistant Manager

Michael is a young individual with a thirst for knowledge surrounding health, wellness, and human performance. He was highly competitive in many activities growing up including Wrestling, Track and Field, and Dance. After taking a Fitness course in high school, Michael discovered a love and talent for human kinetics. This newfound love evolved into a passion for all forms of weightlifting, including Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and Olympic Lifting. He is currently training for his first Men’s Physique show, where he is able to directly apply his dietary and supplement knowledge. Michael is perfectly suited to share all his knowledge in his new role as assistant manager here at Popeye's Supplements Victoria. Come speak to him anytime and see for yourself.

His Top 3 Products from Popeye's are:

  1. Progressive VegeGreens
  2. Magnum Quattro
  3. Progressive OmegEssentials Fish Oil


  • Muscletech Clear Muscle



Morgan has been working at Popeye's for four and a half years. His passion for health and fitness began in high school while taking a weight lifting class. After seeing the benefits of exercise, Morgan strived to gain more knowledge in the hopes of becoming a stronger person both physically and mentally. Morgan currently enjoys a healthy exercise regimen that involves weightlifting, biking and Brazilian jiu jitsu.




Shannon is passionate about health & fitness and continuously strives to live an active lifestyle. Shannon’s journey into fitness began during her years of competitive dancing. From there, Shannon joined the Toronto Argonaut’s Cheerleading team. Shannon holds a degree in Nutritional Sciences specializing in Dietetics from Ryerson University, which enables her bring a holistic approach when educating clients on health and nutrition here at Popeye’s Victoria. Even when living in Toronto, Shannon was still a loyal Popeye’s Supplements customer. When Shannon moved to Vancouver Island, she found there was no better place to work where she could combine her love for fitness and nutrition while providing exceptional and trustworthy customer service to Popeye’s clientele with her bubbly, out-going personality. 

Three products Shannon can’t live without are:

  1. Progressive Omega 3 Fish Oils, Chocolate flavour of course!

  2. Allmax Aminocore BCAAs, Peach Mango

  3. Progressive VegeGreens, Citrus Splash




Mary has always been passionate about fitness and well-being, and brings this passion to work with her every day. As a Mother, UVIC philosophy graduate, former candidate on Canada’s Smartest Person, avid researcher and writer, traditional martial arts practitioner, former boxer, long distance runner and weight trainer, Mary has honed a unique combination of skills which have helped her to better learn, apply and share what she has gleaned about the connection between the mind and body, as well as how to enhance and amplify both.

Mary seeks to contribute to the ‘optimal outcome quantum fitness feedback loop’ in order to continue to enhance her own knowledge base and experience of life, to further assist others in identifying and achieving their own goals pertaining to good balance, longevity, fitness and well-being.

Her favourite products at Popeye’s are:

  1. Progressive orange flavour fish oil
  2. Progressive pineapple coconut Vegegreens
  3. Fatso Peanut Butter



Growing up as a kid I was always very active. I had played lacrosse and hockey since I was 6 years old, however that unfortunately came to an end after I broke my patella (knee cap). I found my love for health and fitness in late high school, and since then I have strived to be healthier everyday. I then went on to help and motivated others do the same.

My favorite Popeyes products are:

  1. Rivalus Promasil vanilla
  2. Cellucor C4 Ultimate pre workout
  3. Rivalus Steam BCAA’s
  4. Progressive Vegegreens
  5. Omega essential fish oil



Ashley is a bikini competitor and personal trainer who's life revolves around  health and fitness. 

When she was growing up she played on many school sports teams, but once she became adult she grew more interested in bodybuilding as a competitive focus. 

She enjoys hiking with her dogs and has a deep love for animals and nature. She is also very interested in holistic and sport nutrition and has a background in the Culinary Arts. 

She has personally seen the positive benefits of exercise and proper nutrition in helping one's mental health and well-being.

Ashley likes to help and encourage others to take an interest in their health by eating better and doing more physical activity. 

She is very excited to join the Popeyes Victoria family to better serve her community and show others the benefits of a healthy lifestyle  & proper supplementation.

Her favourite products are:

  • Rivalus Clean Gainer - Vanilla 
  • Mutant IsoSurge - Chocolate Mint and Gingerbread Cookie
  • Rivalus STEAM BCAA's - Orange or Watermelon
  • OmegEssentials Fish Oil - Orange
  • Progressive VegeGreens - Pineapple Coconut