Chris Kinnear

Owner / Product Adviser

From an owner’s standpoint, I strive to utilize my 24 yrs of experience in the supplements nutrition industry and combine that with my passion to help others to help my clients reach their true potential and live a healthier more vibrant life!!

As a former professional athlete with the Victoria Shamrocks 2003-2009 I know the role that "performance nutrition" has at gaining a much needed advantage over the competition.  I try to use this knowledge to better help my clients benefit in their careers as well

Over the past 14 years I have worked hard to assemble a very knowledgeable staff that follows my same passions.

Together we invite you to come speak with any one of us (free of charge) to help design the optimal supplement program for your individual needs!


Cameron McEwen


Cameron is a young and knowledgeable individual who has played a variety of sports including football, basketball, soccer and rugby. He is currently in his second year at the University of Victoria studying Kinesiology with future goals of becoming a personal trainer and chiropractor. Cam’s interest in health and fitness stem from a broken humerus injury in his senior year of high school football. Cam has recently started training in Olympic lifting and would like to help others achieve their own personal body building goals.


Morgan Hemmings


Morgan has been working at Popeye's for four and a half years. His passion for health and fitness began in high school while taking a weight lifting class. After seeing the benefits of exercise, Morgan strived to gain more knowledge in the hopes of becoming a stronger person both physically and mentally. Morgan currently enjoys a healthy exercise regimen that involves weightlifting, biking and Brazilian jiu jitsu.